How can I help?

I regularly follow a blog and receive a newsletter from the lovely gentleman at “Becoming Minimalist”. In fact a lot of what they promote and how they spread their message was part of what inspired me to start this blog. They don’t hound you with multiple unwanted emails on a regular basis just every so often a link to their newsletter will pop into my inbox. The newsletter invariably strikes a chord me with somehow and today’s newsletter was no exception. With permission I have pasted the lead post below followed by a link to the blog.

Thought provoking and always to the point I can’t think of a better way to spread a little kindness through the world while discovering our own unique talents then as Joshua Becker (the author of the post) has suggested. If you agree I thoroughly recommend you check out their blog here:

And this is the post (with thanks to Joshua Becker for letting me share his post with you) – I hope you have great rest of the week – Kindest regards Jacqueline x

Key to Influence: Offer to Help. 

I started using Twitter years ago. I entered the world on a whim late one evening after noticing a bunch of traffic to my website from the social network. I remember thinking, “Oh, now I get it. It’s an opportunity for influence.” One of the first people I started following was Chris Guillebeau—again, just on a whim after somebody recommended that I follow him. At the time, Chris had an interesting habit. His first tweet every morning was this, “Good morning. How can I help today?” I responded two times—once to draw attention to a blog post that was resonating with people and once to ask for help promoting a new book. Both times, Chris obliged. I have never forgotten it. And to this day, 4 years later, I still remember Chris as the guy who offered (and provided) help to me when I needed it. Similarly, I had a conversation with a friend this past week about something new and exciting. The conversation began when he made a simple statement, “I just want to know if I can help in any way.” My past is full of men and women through the years who have offered to help. Most of whom I remember well. People who help us have a strong propensity to stay in our memory (and affections). But the benefit extends beyond the receiver. The benefit of offering help also extends to the giver. The act of helping somebody else requires four things: It requires initiative, confidence, care, and capacity (time and talent) to follow through. But if anyone is lacking in any of the four, sometimes, the simple offer of help can bring it about in their lives. For example, we might not think we have time available in our lives to help… until we find out what somebody is doing and want desperately to be part of it. We may lack confidence in our abilities… until we discover the exact unique talent we can offer to others. When we offer to help someone else, they benefit. But so do we. Sometimes, even, in the place we need it most.