#Illridewithyou – Kindness in action

I do not think it is possible to live in Sydney and not have been deeply affected by the events of the past days. The horror and sadness thatwe have experienced as a community and continue to experience cannot adequately be expressed in words and yet in these dark days a simple act of kindness has blossomed into exactly the sort of movement that I most want Soak & Soar to encourage and become.

#Illridewithyou embodies the faith I place in the power of a Small Ordinary Act of Kindness to change the world for the better. I am so grateful that even in the saddest of times when our hearts ache for the hostages who lost their lives and the loss of innocence in our community, that a kind brave soul has taken action which spreads a message of kindness and care for all those we come into contact with even if only briefly. It is these simple small acts of kindness, the ability to reach out rather than pull back, this openness and generosity of spirit rather than a sense of division and difference. that we need to foster in our hearts and our community.

I truly believe that the majority of people of all faiths just want to go about their lives in peace and harmony, doing the best they can on a daily basis as we all muddle through life together. We cannot let the actions of one clearly unhinged individual define how we live our lives. Now more than ever I ask that you spread the message of SOAK & SOAR and the sentiment and kindness encapsulated in #Illridewithyou .

Wishing you all the  peace and kindness you need

Kindest regards