Did today feel like Groundhog day for you?

Welcome my friends to another Monday.

Sometimes it is pretty hard to get excited about a Monday isn’t it? Another week on the treadmill of life going through the motions, packing lunches for children just back at school which may or may not get eaten, grinding out work that may or may not be liked or appreciated and trying to summon up some enthusiasm to cook a Monday night dinner that may or may not be received with joy by the family. All pretty ho hum stuff I know. As a friend once said to me “It isn’t the big stuff that brings me unstuck it is the small daily grind”. I know what she meant.

Some days it is all a bit Groundhog day isn’t it and yet in the midst of such ordinariness sometimes it is the smallest act of kindness that can bring a smile to your face and make your step a bit lighter.

So today’s thought (or challenge if you like) is that as we plod, run or maybe even fly into another working week is “Can I think of someone in my life, or maybe even someone that I don’t know all that well but pass regularly as I go about my daily grind, or even a complete stranger that I may not have even met yet, that I could share an ordinary small act of kindness with and help make their step a little lighter and their day a little brighter”

It doesn’t have to be anything major, maybe just a shared smile or a genuine and heartfelt “thank you” instead of a hurried “thanks” but I am sure somewhere over the course of the week without even trying too hard most of us could spread a little kindness.

Something to ponder on a Monday and as we go through the week.

Wishing you all the kindness that can possibly come your way and that you can spread through your world.

Kindest regards

Jacqueline x