Will 2015 be your year of living kindly?

Welcome to 2015.

I took my own advice and was a little kinder to myself over the Christmas and New Year period which is why things have been a bit quiet around here. It meant letting a few things slide. Those damn pinecones never did get spray painted gold but we managed to get through Christmas lunch without them and we are still waiting for the house clean out to end all clean outs but again we are muddling along. Domestic chaos aside it has meant that I have started the new year in a slightly less shattered state then I ended the old one. On the plus side I did manage to paint two bedrooms over the Christmas break (with some help from my husband and family) and I have to say just looking at the clean empty spaces makes my heart joyful and encourages me to keep pushing on with my “use it or lose it” philosophy of home maintenance for 2015.

So with a bit of extra energy and some extra sleep under my belt I feel ready to take on a new year and to do everything I can to make 2015 my year of living kindly – both to myself and to others.

I can’t stress enough how important I think it is, both individually and as a society, that we think about how we interact with each other on a day to day basis. As I write this post the terrible events of the last few days in France are uppermost in my mind (and of course the similarly sad and tragic event that unfolded in Sydney just before Christmas in the Lindt café siege). My daughters had only just arrived home from a Christmas exchange to France when the shootings in Paris took place and the timing of their return was a stark reminder of how fragile all our lives – they had really wanted to add Paris on to the trip but it hadn’t happened – had it come off they would have been in Paris at the time of the siege. Now Paris is a big place I know but as a mother I can’t help feeling grateful that my chickens are home safe and sound.

On a positive note I think this kindness message is catching on. So far this year I have already been asked and have agreed to participate in a pay it forward kindness push by a cousin (through Facebook) and I will be inviting you to join me in that initiative in a later post. For now though I want to ask you to consider making a slightly belated New Year’s resolution to make this year your year of living kindly. Join with me in spreading kindness through small ordinary acts and have some fun with some small ordinary acts of rebellion to inject some fun in your life as we go along. Let’s make 2015 fabulous together and join with me as we SOAK & SOAR together.

Wishing you a happy, safe and kind 2015.

Kindest regards